by Debra Desvignes: Learning how to successfully pitch stories to the media can garner free publicity. Free publicity most often leads to brand awareness, strategic partnerships, and so on. But, it is important to be fully aware of the reporter’s outlet and pitch accordingly. So, what is the secret in pitching a story that is enticing to […]

By Bryan Orander: In an earlier post, I outlined a few areas where I saw strong nonprofit boards setting themselves apart from typical nonprofit boards. Those areas included: Defining Success; Focusing on the Future; Trusting, while Challenging the Staff; and Bringing a “Can Do” Attitude. In this post, we continue with a few more insights […]

By Tiffany Sauder: Your nonprofit is doing great work in Indiana, but are you spreading your success stories to the people that matter? And, just as importantly, are you being heard? Indy nonprofit consulting agency Achieve reported 60 percent of people surveyed for their 2013 Millennial Impact Report said they liked when nonprofits shared stories […]


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